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Day 1

We arrived at the Park Hyatt - this is another nice hotel Upon arrival to Toronto it looks very busy and lots of high rise buildings. We go for lunch to a place recommended to us by the hotel. I again make some new friends. We then walk around the arrea. I quite like Toronto. There is so much to do and see.
I want to take it easy today as we have a busy couple of days ahead of us. So we have lunch, daddy fed me some Spinach, a little bit of steak & bread. I have a sore mouth just now - think it may be another tooth coming in.
Mummy goes back for a nap - she is very tired. Daddy took me to the park which was very pretty.
Tomorrow we go to Niagra Falls - this was the whole purpose of us coming to Toronto so I am excited about this...
Off to bed now - sleep tight

Day 2

We had a hectic day today. We were up at the crack of dawn, our hired car was deliverd to our hotel. We then set off to see Niagra Falls. It took around 2 hours to drive and I slept all the way - gosh I was tired...... Upon arrival to the falls we found a car parking space, the town of Niagra I have to say is nothing special, it looked liked a mini Blackpool. However the Falls themselves were awesome, however Mummy and Daddy tell me that they are not as spectacular as Iguaza falls, hmmm wonder if they shall take me there one day? Anyway we had a nice walk around the falls. We decided not to do the Maid of the Mist (which is a rather large boat, which takes you under the waterfall) we did not fancy this as it looked far too crowded. So we gave that a miss. We then had to go and search for a Keyring for daddies keyring collection - it is so funny mummy gets really frustrated by this. Anyway we found a nice Keyring for daddy and a fab hat for me to wear in the winter. I then had lunch in a pretty little park and had some time to roam around.
The hotel concierge gave us a recommendation for lunch, so we left the falls around 2pm - we drove through some lovely wine estates. However we could not find the wine estate that had been recommended to us, after around 2 hours of driving. Mummy was not too happy, think she was looking forward to a nice lunch. Oh well, so we all drove back to Toronto. We then parked up the car and had another lovely sushi dinner. It was a really nice restaurant and everyone seemed to love me.
Tomorrow we have a full day of sight seeing around Toronto.

Speak soon

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Day 1

Well we arrived pretty late las night, I was very tired and went down like a light..... We woke up early and decided to have a walk down China Town and the old town. I could not believe how french this place is - it literally felt like being in France...... Mummy and daddy were quite tired, so after lunch we decided to have a nap....
In the evening I was allowed out - yipee... we went again down to the old town and as per usual mummy had her champagne, she told me that when I am bigger I can have a sip... there is lots going on in the old town in the evening, its fun and has a lot of buzz about the place. Lots of little street stalls, artists etc.
Daddy was desperate to try some Poutine - so whilst getting me settled for the night mummy agreed that he could try some - she really enjoyed it too - it was Chips with Gravy and melted cheese - the local junk food of Quebec.
Mummy and Daddy then went to eat supper - I do not think they were too impressed. Mummy complained and refused to give the waiter a tip - the cheek of him to even ask for one after the dish he served us - and even when mummy complained he did not even apologise... Daddy walked away as he does not like it when mummy argues....

Day 2

We decided to go around the new town today, daddy visited a few museums and I went shopping with mummy, she got me lots of Ralph Lauren outfits and agreed that daddy could buy himself a few tops. We went for a delicous chinese lunch where mummy allowed me to climb the stairs, this is fun. Can you believe there was a tragic accident in a restaurant next door. A few weeks ago a lady was having lunch and something fell from a high rise building and fell on top of her - she died, How tragic.
Tonight mummy and daddy are going out to leave me..... I have a babysitter coming to look after me. They have a posh meal booked, mummy tells me she is not hungry, but should go and spend some quality time with daddy. They go to the Casino first and mummy wins on the Roulette but walks away and does not spend her winnings. Daddy says it is beginners luck. They went to a 5 diamond star restaurant and from what they tell me they enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow is an early start - another flight. This time only 1 hour....

Day 3

We are up early, I said goodbye to all the guys in the lounge, they give me some food to take with me.... and lots of cuddly toys, they are very kind here. I love all these people talking to me... I have started taking bites out of apples now - Mummy and Daddy are very pleased to have found me something new to play with

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Well after an exciting flight, we have arrived in Vancouver. I managed to stay up for the majority of the flight. But I am afraid upon arriving to the hotel I was flat out....... Mummy tells me that Vancouver looks a very pretty place. I have to admit I was a bit confused, mummy says I should be sleeping, however it does not somehow feel quite right. So I wanted to be up and playing, even although I felt absoloutely shattered. Anyway mummy gave me lots of milk and that helped me get back to sleep.

We woke at 7am Vancouver time. We are in the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, and it looks to be a very impressive hotel. We have a suite so it is very comfortable and part of the package includes lounge access..... mummy really thinks this is worth the money. Everyone who works in the lounge is extremely friendly, they all introduced thereself to me at breakfast and talked to me lots.... Over breakfast mummy and daddy worked out what we were going to be doing for the day. I have to admit after all the milk during the night, I was not very hungry, so I just munched on some cheese.

We started off a walk along the seafront, this is very pretty lots of cruise ships & lovely boats..... gosh I wih I could have one of these boats! We then decided to walk up the shopping street. Mummy found a very nice handbag, but they would not let her buy it as it was part of the window display, you can imagine she was not best pleased. I am so excited seeing all these new sights and most of all being with my daddy - gosh I really am a daddy's girl, mummy cannot believe how many smiles I give him ( I think she is a bit jealous) anyway mummy feeds me, then I go off to sleep. We all head for lunch at a place which the hotel concierge has recommended. Mummy & Daddy enjoyed this lunch very much. There ordered a bottle of wine, but tink they are a bit jet lagged and could not manage it all. The canadians seem to be very nice and friendly people.
After lunch we then go for a very long walk to Stanley Park - this was quite impressive...... it is even bigger than Central Park. We got a horse and cart which took us all around the park and gave us lots of information on the park - this was fun..... and very relaxing after all daddy has had us walking for miles...... I also saw some Native America Totem Poles

Well after a long day exploring and just wandering around, we decide to head back to the hotel, for Canapes and drinks. We all decided to have an early night. Tonight was a better nights rest - but mummy said I was not 100% perfect, oh well I cant be perfect all the time can I?

Day 2

Well today, I have a bit more energy. Ready for another day exploring. Daddy has worked out his route for the day. Firstly we went to the observation tower, this is pretty high, but not as high as the Empire State in New York., it had pretty impressive views from the top. We head to Gastown, wow this place is a bit more buzzy, than where we visited yesterday. Lots of fab looking bikes. We then came across an area which we never expected, full of homelss people - this was a bit sad..... I was glad to get out of this area, as I did not feel very safe. Anyway we then came to China Town and spent some time in a lovely Chinese Gardens. They had a rather large Koi Pond, full of large fish and tutles, ducks etc.....
Canada_Vac..009_205.jpg Canada_Vac..009_224.jpg

After out visit to the above, we took a Harbour Taxi to Granville Island.... This was full of life. We walked through a food market, this had lots of interesting colours and smells. Mummy and daddy were hungry but decided to get out of this place before they stuffed their face just before lunch. We then had a lovely lunch at a place called Bridges, the Swiss Team for the 2010 Olympics have booked bridges restaurant out. The lunch here was lovely, yet again another recommendation from the hotel. I slept through most of lunch. Mummy had a lovely lobster.... whilst daddy had a Pizza. After lunch Mummy and Daddy took me to a huge childrens market. Wow this place is amazing and Mummy and Daddy spoiled me as per usual and bought lots of interesting toys. Gosh I hope we have room to bring them home. I went into a cool childrens hairdressers, this place was soooooooooooooo cool as seats they had toy cars and you could watch childrens movies whilst having your hair cut. Mummy only took me in here to buy hairclips and hairbands, I wish I had enough hair to get my hair done in this place..... We then went and had an icecream whilst watching the ducks.....

After our visit to Granville Island we then took a water taxi across the harbout and we got off at Yale Town - this place was very hip hop..... lots of nice places to eat and funcky botiques.

I was very tired by this point, infact a bit too tired to eat. Anyway mummy insisted I stayed awake, so I would have a better chance of sleeping tonight. I met a lovely German girl in the lounge, she played with me, whilst mummy and daddy organised tomorrow's activities.

Mummy and I went to bed whilst daddy went out exploring again! and you will be glad to hear I slept all the way through and mummy gave me a 100%

Day 3

Today we were up and away early doors. We decided to drive to Whistler and wow the drive was stunning.... it was so strange being in a Ski Resort in SummerCanada_Vac..009_361.jpg.
It was pretty stunning and they have obviously made the most of this tourist spot during the summer months too. The place had lots and lots of Visitors and there was so much going on. Lots of biking - which looked pretty serious, not sure I would ever be as adventorous as that. Mummy wanted to go and see te bears, however the next trip was too late. So we decided to have a nice lunch, wander around te shops and then go on a Gondola Tour - Peak to Peak. This was pretty impressive we were very high up and at points the cable car stopped which was quite frightening, can you imagine if we were stuck up here - the drop down was very high. Anyway I have to say we all enjoyed our trip to Whistler. It was a 2 hour drive back to Vancouver. So when we went back we literally went into the lounge, had some drinks then it was bed time. The drive back was very scenic too.

Day 4

Shopping today - mummy is on a mission, daddy has agreed she can buy yet another handbag....Hmmm wonder if I shall ever have as many bags as my mummy? Anway we went around a few shops, mummy did not buy me anything else, she says I have enough - boo hoo....
We go for Sushi for lunch, which was yummy. I do not have a lot of table manners as yet and have to admit I made a bit of a mess on the floor.
After lunch we head to the airport for Montreal..... a 4 1/2 flight!!!

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Flying Out

Mummy has been planning this trip so well. I am so so excited to be able to spend 2 weeks with both my mummy and daddy together.

Well so much for 1st class being super efficient, there was an extremely long queue at 1st class check in, so we decided to speed things up a bit and use the Club World check-in instead. What I was most excited about going first class was being able to go into the concorde room - this was pretty impressive. Although a bit too quiet for my liking! There was a sort of fine dining resturant where you ordered your meal off the menu, every table was very private and we were enclosed in our own little booth. There was an office area (which daddy had to use) the seats in here were all concorde seats - daddy was very excited about this (I do not see what the novelty was to be honest) served in the concorde lounge was mummy's favourite wine - Amaya savingnon blanc - she was very happy at this. Well daddy had to work for ages, so mummy decided to take me into the First and Gold lounge, we come here often and they know me from rubbing cheese into the carpet when I went to Geneva. Mummy & I much prefer this lounge as I could more or less roam around freely with mummy pouring herself as many glasses as champagne as she likem without being frowned upon. Daddy was still busy working away as per usual...... mummy then went to the Elemis spa - gosh I wish I was big enough to go and get a spa treatment - one day. I played in the kids play room, whilst daddy rushing with the last few bits of work. I managed to get my hands on a packet of cheesy crisps whilst daddy was not looking and scoffed quite a few - mummy was not too pleased when she came back in.......as per usual we were last on the plane, blame it on daddy not my mummy, it is the norm for him he's always the last on board.
Mummy told me that I had to be on my best behaviour on board the plane as the other passengers in 1st would not be too happy if I was very noisy. We were seated 4E, 4F and to my surprise I was shocked to see another baby up at the front, he was only 6 months old and very small compared to me. The 1st cabin was full of friendly people and all the cabin crew up here were very friendly. They even took me for a little while to give mummy a rest. I must admit there was some bizzare people who insited in talking to me and my mummy. First there was a rather eccentric woman who would not stop talking..... she looked very bizarred with weird painted eyebrows and wild, mad hair.... her husband on the other hand was very quiet and kept videoing everything.....we then met another lady who insisted on telling us her life story and how close to death she was. She started to take an asthma attack on board. so had to sit with oxygen throughout the journey - mummy thought she was a bit of a hypochondriac whatever that is. Another smart business gentleman commented on how well behaved I was - that made mummy happy. Throughout the journey I only managed to get a few hours sleep, there was far too much going on for my liking. I have to admit to prefering 1st Class to Business Class as not only are the beds big enought for both mummy and me to stretch out, the meals are better (daddy had 5 courses, mummy only 4) and there is a much much bigger selection of wines and of course you get your own PJ's, slippers and lots of other knicknacks.

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